Daniel J. Ganz Award

Daniel J. Ganz

The Daniel J. Ganz Award was established by the Executive Board of the Kalamazoo Valley District Dental Society in 1994, and presented posthumously to his wife, Ann, in recognition of his commitment to excellence, integrity and professionalism in Dentistry.

Doctor Ganz was born in 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, grew-up in St. Joseph, Michigan, met and married Ann while attending Western Michigan University. He graduated from the University of Michigan dental and orthodontic programs and practiced as a specialist in orthodontics in Kalamazoo beginning in 1984. Dan earned the respect of his colleagues through his service to the Dental Society, serving as our President in 1991 and by his commitment to the Michigan Association of Orthodontists, the Tweed Society of Orthodontics, and by demonstrating excellence in achieving the status of Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontists. Dan was in a fatal car accident in 1992 and will be remembered as a family man who had great pride in his three children, an avid fisherman, and inexhaustible University of Michigan fan.

The Daniel J. Ganz Award has been established in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Kalamazoo Valley District Dental Society. The Award is presented to members practicing more than seven but less than 15 years who embody the ideals, professional standards, and professionalism that exemplified Doctor Ganz’ brief career. Those dentists awarded this honor should be role models or examples for other dentists that have recently begun their careers. Characteristics of these dentists include integrity, honesty, forthrightness, and should be respected for their service to organized dentistry, their colleagues, peers, and community.

Recipients of this award shall possess such qualifications as:

  • A highly motivated individual with outstanding moral character
  • Provides high standard on the delivery of services that are within the scope of that individual’s practice of dentistry
  • Maintains continuing education with utilizing current techniques and principles
  • Contributes to clinical, academic and organized dentistry
  • A concerned individual who inspires other dentists to perform outstanding dentistry

To honor the memory of Dr. Daniel J. Ganz and to show our respect for him, this award was created and will be presented when deserving representatives are identified by our Society.

"I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving: To reach the port of heaven, we must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it – but we must sail, and not drift, nor lie at anchor."

- Oliver Wendell Holmes
The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table, 1858

Ganz Award Established by:
S. Jay Bowman, D.M.D., M.S.D.
Robert L. Hosack, D.D.S.
James M. Caldwell, D.D.S.
Terence R. Comar, D.D.S., M.S.
James H. Tonn, D.D.S.
December 9, 1994

1994 - Ann Ganz
1996 - Dennis Kordich
1997 - S. Jay Bowman
1999 - Murray Z. Malinoski, Jr.
2001 - Fred Oppel
2005 - Kevin Shugars
2006 - Jeff Riggs
2008 - John Spurr
2009 - Dorothy Griswold
2010 - Carrie McDougal
2013 - Amanda Bucklin
2018 - Letitia Randall
2023 - Catie Nelson, Kelly Yeung, and Robert Yeung