President's Award

The presentation of the "President’s Award" originated within the Kalamazoo Valley Dental Society by Dr. Stuart H Ward, Jr., while serving as the President of the Society during the 1971-1972 term of office. Dr. Ward presented this particular citation to several individuals of this Society in appreciation for the services provided by them. Since that term and in accordance with our Society Constitution and Bylaws, each President may present the "President’s Award" to Members of the Society deserving of such recognition.

The Award reads "Each year within the Kalamazoo Valley Dental Society, an individual extends his endeavor far beyond the accepted norm. Because of these efforts, he reflects credit upon himself, the community, and the profession. In recognition and appreciation of this achievement, this citation is presented to…"

1972 - Robert L. Hosack, Ward B. McCartney, Thomas L. Owen
1973 - Morrison M. Heath
1975 - Mel A. White
1977 - John H. Deppen, Raymond H. Malvitz, James H. Tonn, Mel A. White
1978 - Robert J. Tisch, James H. Tonn
1979 - James H. Tonn
1980 - Eldon L. Bradham, R. William Lustig, John L. Sinclair, Sr., Robert J. Tisch
1981 - Terence R. Comar, Robert J. Tisch
1982 - Leon K. Coverly, Kris Kendall, Daniel W. Miner, Eugene Wu
1983 - Charles W. Patterson, John L. Sinclair, Jr., Ronald M. Thompson, Timothy G. Walbridge
1984 - Curtis H. Hood, Philip D. Olds, Eugene Wu
1985 - William S. Boehn, Jeffrey H. Schimp, Robert J. Tisch, Robert D. VanEenenaam, Timothy G. Walbridge
1986 - Robert L. Hosack, Kathleen M. McGarry, Thomas J. Saewert, George R. Walkotten, Eugene Wu
1987 - Rusel P. Hollister, Robert L. Hosack, John L. Sinclair, Jr.
1988 - Daniel J. Ganz
1989 - Mark J. Chicoine, Terence R. Comar, James H. Lee, John L. Sinclair, Sr., George R. Walkotten, William L. Wright
1990 - John L. Sinclair, Sr., John A. Wiler
1991 - John R. Gissal, George R. Walkotten
1992 - George R. Walkotten, Dennis Kordich
1993 - S. Jay Bowman, Dennis Kordich, George R. Walkotten
1994 - Lawrence D. Bacon, Thomas A. Slack, Verle H. Wiita, Robert M. Humphries, Allen A. McNeil
1995 - S. Jay Bowman
1996 - S. Jay Bowman, Rusel Hollister
1997 - S. Jay Bowman
1998 - Timothy Jungblut, Fred Oppel
1999 - Dean A. Richardson, Frank H. Alley
2000 - Kevin A. Shugars
2001 - Mike Carl
2002 - Mike Carl
2003 - Jeff Riggs, Keith Konvalinka
2004 - John Sinclair Jr.
2005 - John Spurr
2006 - Dorothy Griswald
2007 - Robert Bieska
2008 - Carrie McDougal
2009 - Keith Konvalinka
2010 - John Sinclair, Jr.
2011 - Mike Leonard
2012 - Keith Konvalinka
2013 - Letitia Randall
2014 - Lisandra Soto
2016 - Letitia Randall
2017 - Letitia Randall, John Deppen
2018 - Keith Konvalinka
2022 - Kelly Yeung