The Jack Chandler Award

Jack Chandler

The Kalamazoo Valley District Dental Society hereby establishes The Jack Chandler Award to honor an individual other than a dentist for outstanding contributions to the society. This award is presented to a member of a dental supply house, dental laboratory or dental repair service for outstanding assistance to member of KVDDS over an expanded period of time.

Recognized for his or her professionalism, commitment, congeniality, good-naturedness and unwavering service, the members of KVDDS extend this gratitude of appreciation and honor.

The award has been named in honor of the late Jack Chandler, who for fifty years, while representing the dental supply business before his untimely death, so exemplified these qualities.

  • 1997 - Tim Chandler
  • 1998 - Rene DeBruyn
  • 1999 - George Keubke
  • 2003 - Dan Alban
  • 2004 - Rick Ryder
  • 2006 - Dwain Toma
  • 2010 - Amy Daley
  • 2011 - Gary Gray
  • 2014 - Walt Hansen